4 Reasons To Wear Bamboo Socks

Bamboo Socks Women

Bamboo Socks Women by The Little Bamboo

Socks come in all types of shapes, sizes and fabric. The most common type of fabric is cotton. Cotton does has some great qualities, but at The Little Bamboo, we create amazing socks with bamboo fibers.

The qualities of bamboo far surpass any other type of fabric that you may come across, but unfortunately many people are unaware of the amazing qualities of bamboo.

The four reasons is that bamboo is eco-friendly, soft and silky, cool and moisture wicking and very clean for those with allergies. Now we are going to break down each one and give you even more reason to love bamboo.

Here are the four reasons why we (and you will too) love bamboo socks.

1 – Eco-Friendly -

Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly resources on the planet due to its fast regrowth rate. In fact, there are some species of bamboo that grow at a rate of 4ft per day! This is comforting in the fact that once a bamboo stock is cut down, it regrows rather quickly, therefore natural resources are not being depleted.

2. Silky Soft -

The blend of bamboo fibers in our socks, give the sock a smooth, silky texture. Once you get your bamboo socks, make a quick comparison and feel the difference from cotton socks and bamboo, bamboo will win the contest each and every time! The smoother, silky material is great for those that prefer thinner socks (compared to standard cotton socks), these bamboo womens no show socks are the perfect solution.

bamboonoshowsocks-pink show

3- Breathable and Moisture Wicking -

Research has shown that bamboo is 3 degrees cooler than cotton as well as having moisture wicking properties. This means that these socks are great when it comes to eliminating sweaty feet.

Bamboo is also know as a natural insulator, so it will help you stay hot or cold regardless of your environment.

4. Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Odor

Bamboo fiber contains a natural agent that is known to prevent the growth of bacteria, which prevents common foot/sock odor.  In addition, bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and will not cause any skin irritations that may come from other chemically produced fabrics such as cotton.

BONUS #5 – Easy Care

Easy cleaning in washing machine with cool water.

The Little Bamboo

Women’s No Show Socks – Black, Beige, White and Peach

2015-03-22 06.14.38If you are wearing shoes and you want to have that “no show” look, these no show socks are exactly what you are looking for. These socks can be worn with dress flats, ballet flats, sneakers, golf shoes, Toms, Vans and more.

The socks cover just enough of your foot to stay on but not to show when wearing your shoes. These no show socks also have a silicone rubber pad in the back of the sock to help the socks stay on.

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