Bamboo Is The Hygienic Alternative to Synthetic No-show Socks for Women

Bamboo Is The Hygienic Alternative to Synthetic No-show Socks for Women

timthumb (2)May 7, 2015 - Sanford, FL - The problem of sweaty feet is common for both men and women and can be even worse is one wears incorrect footwear, such as socks made from synthetic fabrics. In light of this, The Little Bamboo has designed and created their own line of feminine no-show socks to provide women with a suitable alternative to synthetic socks.

Socks that are made from synthetic materials such as nylon have been shown to trap sweat and result in smelly feet. They have also been linked to foot infections and other problems. As a result, many experts recommend a reduction or total elimination of the wearing of synthetic footwear, including no-show socks. Suitable alternatives are considered to be socks with wool blends or cotton blends but studies have shown that socks made from bamboo fiber are superior to both.

The Little Bamboo’s Women’s No-Show Socks are made from bamboo fibers, which is not only known to be better at moisture-wicking but also has antibacterial and anti-odor properties. In addition, the socks are said to have a soft, silky feel, providing a comfortable fit and can be worn with a variety of shoes to give a truly no-show effect. They are also designed with non-slip silicone grips on the heels to ensure they do not slip off, a common complaint for wearers of no-show socks.

“A big plus when wearing shoes in this Texas heat or if you have a pre-existing foot odor problem. The design is low cut to make them the perfect socks to wear with shoes such as ballet flats. People won’t even know you’re wearing them. Along with the low cut they have non-slip silicone grips around the heels of the sock to keep them in place while you’re moving around,” said TXMommysSavings, a verified Amazon reviewer.

“We know that sweaty, smelly feet can be a problem for many women and cotton and synthetic socks do not help with this problem. This is why we created our socks with bamboo fibers. Our socks are great when it comes to its moisture-wicking properties.” Said Monika, a representative from The Little Bamboo.

In addition to being suitable alternatives to synthetic socks, the bamboo fabric women’s no-show socks are considered to be ideal gift for holidays such as Mother’s Day, Christmas and more.