New Bamboo Placemats Designed to Save Space

bamboo placemats set6 21425458363March 2, 2015 – Sanford, FL – The Little Bamboo has released a set of 6 large bamboo placemats that customers have been lauding for their space saving design. The placemats, made from natural bamboo, are made to roll up for easy storage when not in use.

Made from bamboo, well known for its eco-friendly properties, the placemats are built with slats that are bound by thread and fabric, allowing for flexibility. They lay flat when rolled out, taking up a space of 18 inches x 12 inches. If they were not able to roll up, which is the case with many other placemats, they would maintain that size in drawers or cabinets, resulting in fewer mats being stored.

In addition to their ability to save space, the bamboo placemats are also easy to maintain. They wipe easily with a damp cloth when soiled and are stain-resistant. They can also be washed with soap and water if soiled heavily. On top of that, they contain no dyes or chemicals, substances found in other placemats and which may be transferred to cookware or even food.

Shoppers on Amazon, where the natural bamboo placemats are sold exclusively, have been leaving favorable comments for the product. It has also received mostly five star ratings from viewers and has been hailed for its aesthetic appeal and versatility. “These place mats are exactly what I wanted for my table, they look great. They are made really nice and are thick and sewn on the edges really strong and durable. You just wipe them clean with a wet rag when they get dirty. They are big enough to hold even the larger sized plates,” said Erin, a verified Amazon reviewer.

Customers have also been getting the placemats as gifts, as they are thought to be ideal stocking stuffers and housewarming gifts. The Little Bamboo’s set of 6 bamboo placemats are currently being sold at 28 percent less than their list price.

About The Little Bamboo:
The Little Bamboo specializes in all products created and made with Bamboo. Their flagship product is their well-known bamboo placemat and they have since ventured into launching new products. The most recent are their bamboo socks, available in both men’s and women’s in a variety of different colors. The Little Bamboo’s current product line can be found on