New Bamboo Placemats Double as Decorative Items

bamboo placemats set4.c1424257628February 18, 2015 – Sanford, FL – Made from 100 percent natural bamboo, the product is bordered by black fabric, a combination which allows it to fit in with and enhance any décor style. “They are not cheap looking and the fabric around the edges makes them look stylish. Super easy to clean too. I really like that I can leave them out all the time and they add to the décor of the new dining area,” said Shae in a verified Amazon review.

That is just one of a number of comments, which highlight the placemats as decorative items in addition to their many other features. The placemats are also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and are stain resistant. They are also easy to clean, requiring only to be wiped with a clean, dry cloth and can be easily rolled up for storage purposes. As it relates to durability, the bamboo placemats are believed to last much longer than fabric, synthetic and paper placemats which may fall apart rather quickly.

Since being released on, where they are sold exclusively, the bamboo placemats from The Little Bamboo have been receiving mostly positive feedback from online shoppers for the range of features and advantages they present. “They are very well made. Not cheap or shoddy. The right size and make your place setting look quite elegant. Easy to clean. I have all kinds of place mats and these are the best by far,” said Leigh Cote in another verified Amazon review.

The natural bamboo placemats, with their black fabric borders can be used to enhance the decorative and aesthetic appeal of any setting as evidenced by many of its users. They are currently available online and come in sets of four.

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About The Little Bamboo
The Little Bamboo specializes in all products created and made with Bamboo. Their flagship product is their well-known bamboo placemat and they have since ventured into launching new products. The most recent are their bamboo socks, available in both men’s and women’s in a variety of different colors. The Little Bamboo’s current product line can be found on