New Liner Socks Bridge Gap Between Fashion And Cold Weather

The recently released set of no-show women sock liners from The Little Bamboo could help to bridge the gap between fashionable and protective warmth.

( – March 14, 2015) Sanford, FL – Socks are essential items in helping to keep the feet warm during the winter but many may not be fashionable or suitable for the different types of attire worn by women. No-show socks are considered ideal for many dress modes due to the fact that they stay hidden but they may be too flimsy to offer any protection against the cold weather.

The no-show women sock liners from The Little Bamboo is made from bamboo fiber, which has been shown to keep the feet warm and cozy, even in cold weather, while allowing women to wear shoes of their choice.

Since their release on Amazon, they have quickly become popular with customers seeking appropriate socks to face the cold weather. “I constantly wear flats because I love how comfortable they are and easy to put on while toting children on my hip. It is pretty hard to find comfortable and cute socks to wear with them, and I had to find some since its getting so cold already this year,” said Heather H, a happy customer.

The coziness and warmth of the liner socks for women is attributed to the bamboo fabric they are made from. It is also responsible for the soft, silky feel of the material, along with the fact that they are breathable, anti-odor and antibacterial. Their low profile guarantees that they do not show, whether they are worn with dress shoes, sneakers or flats. Additionally, in contrast to many other no-show socks, which reportedly slip off while walking from time to time, they stay in place at all times due to the slip resistant, silicone grips placed on the back.

The Little Bamboo’s Liner Socks for Women are available in three colors. These are white, beige and purple. They come in a one-size fits all that is suitable for most women’s feet, ranging from 5.5 to 8.0.

About The Little Bamboo

The Little Bamboo specializes in all products created and made with Bamboo. Their flagship product is their well-known bamboo placemat and they have since ventured into launching new products. The most recent are their bamboo socks, available in both men’s and women’s in a variety of different colors. The Little Bamboo’s current product line can be found on