New Liner Socks for Women Provide Perfect Fit

liner socks 21426243914March 15, 2015 - Sanford, FL - The right size no-show socks can help to ensure comfort while being fashionably attired. Women in particular, wear several different types of footwear, which will be uncomfortable if their socks fail to stay in place.

With that in mind, The Little Bamboo designed their new women’s sock liners to provide a comfortable, one-size fit that stretches to fit most women’s feet, ranging from 5.5 to 8.5. This range is believed to be the most common sizes in women’s footwear and is therefore expected to suit a wide cross-section who like to wear socks but don’t want them to show. The ability of the socks to conform to a range of sizes is attributed to the stretchy but durable bamboo material the socks are made from. This eco-friendly material is also linked to the smooth, silky texture of the no-show sock liner, which is said to enhance its comfortable fit.

The bamboo fabric liner socks come in several colors, including pink, white and purple. They are not only designed to fit snugly and comfortably, they have special, non-slip silicone grips on the heels, which attach to the insides of shoes to keep them firmly in place. Additionally, the bamboo material they are made from means that the socks are breathable, antibacterial and anti-odor.

Since being released on giant shopping portal Amazon where it is sold exclusively, several shoppers have commented on the women’s sock liners being the correct size and helping to provide a comfortable experience. “I like this item because I have small feet (size 6) and these fit me perfectly, which is hard to find in these type of socks. The feel of the Little Bamboo is amazing,” said Jessica Rowden in a verified Amazon review.

Currently available on Amazon, the liner socks for women from The Little Bamboo provide an opportunity for women in search of no-show socks to find the right size. All purchases are backed by money back guarantees and each package contains three pairs.

About The Little Bamboo
The Little Bamboo specializes in all products created and made with Bamboo. Their flagship product is their well-known bamboo placemat and they have since ventured into launching new products. The most recent are their bamboo socks, available in both men’s and women’s in a variety of different colors. The Little Bamboo’s current product line can be found on