Women’s No-Show Socks – Practical Gift For Mother’s Day

Women’s No-Show Socks – Practical Gift For Mother’s Day

liner socks 31430971144May 9, 2015 - Sanford, FL - With Mother’s Day celebrations being a popular observance for many, The Little Bamboo’s no show women’s socks are a much needed and unique gift for mothers.  Unlike many silly or non-practical gifts, these women’s peds are something that mom’s can wear to work with their dress shoes or on a casual day with a pair of Tom’s, Sperry or Vans.

Another great benefit for moms is that these socks are anti-odor due to the fact that they are made from bamboo fibers thus eliminating any embarrassing odor that may come from their shoes

These bamboo socks are is also better for the environment as the material is taken from bamboo plants, which replenish themselves faster than standard trees, as well as leaving a smaller carbon footprint than other textiles used to make women’s no show socks.

The women’s no-show socks from The Little Bamboo are said to be comfortable and will not slip due to the non-slip silicone grips that have been placed on the heels of the socks. Additionally, they are designed to provide a one-size fit for popular women’s shoe sizes ranging from 5.5 to 8.5. On top of that, they come in several colors, including white, peach and beige and wash out easily with cool water in washing machines.

Since being released to online shoppers via Amazon, the product has been met with a high number of positive reviews from a high number of shoppers. “I LOVE THESE! They stay in place after putting them on my feet. I was surprised because they are so little. They have a small rubber grip at the heel that holds them in place. They are awesome and feel so good over wearing shoes with no socks at all,” said SS Herren, a verified Amazon reviewer.

Comfortable footwear is desired by many women and, with Mother’s Day pending, coupled with the high level of favorable reviews for the product, these women’s no-show socks are a great gift for mothers day.