Women’s No-Show Socks Seen as Confidence Booster

liner socks 41430971103May 8, 2015 - Sanford, FL - The no-show socks for women from The Little Bamboo are made with natural bamboo fiber, which has unique antibacterial and anti-odor properties. As a result, it is suitable for everyday wear to reduce the effects of sweaty and smelly feet, which may cause women to feel less confident in themselves.

Known in medical circles as Bromodosis and Hyperhidrosis, smelly and sweaty feet are closely linked, often occurring as a result of wearing incorrect footwear. Women who are self-conscious may be embarrassed if their feet smell in public and may refrain from removing shoes, regardless of whether they are comfortable or not. Additionally, many women suffer silently and may become withdrawn from socializing due to fear of the smell of their feet being discovered.

Based on a number of favorable reviews from shoppers who used the women’s no-show socks from The Little Bamboo, the socks have helped many women to counter the negative effects of smelly feet. “I wear heels every day to work, and as nasty as this is, I do not wear socks or pantyhose with the shoes. That tends to make my shoes smelly, and also makes my feet sticky and sweaty. All of that is a bad combination – especially in summer. These are the perfect size to hide in my shoe so I still get the look I like, but my feet are comfortably covered,” said Alicia McIntyre, a satisfied Amazon customer.

The no-show socks also have a number of features, which many reviewers have found desirable. They are made with little silicone grips on the back, which keeps them in place and their low profile allows them to be worn with any type of shoes. In addition, they come in several colors and are made to provide a one-size fit for women with popular foot sizes, ranging from 5.5 to 8.5.

Shoppers who are seeking comfortable women’s no-show socks that will help to relieve smelly feet and help boost their confidence when removing shoes, may consider the women’s no show socks from The Little Bamboo. They are currently available on Amazon and are sold in sets of three pairs.